Saturday, 4 May 2013

The first step

Little Pill, as you sit on the table in front of me, I look at you and wonder. I examine your size, your shape, your texture. I marvel at your neatness; how compact you seem lying here before me. I take you in my hand and let you sit there for a while. I want to know more about who you are: what might you do to me? So I search; I am rewarded with new knowledge about your structure, your function and I laugh at your unpronounceable name.

Little Pill, if I swallow, will I become Alice? Will I fall down the rabbit hole? Will you come with me through Wonderland? And, Little Pill, is there a chance I could awaken to a brilliant new reality? Can you make my dreams come true? Or, Little Pill, will I be trapped here, still in this never-ending infertile nightmare?

So Little Pill, as you can see, I am nervous and fearful. We have been here before, you and I. Can I take this leap of faith? If the worst comes to pass, will my heart be strong enough to bear the pain? My soul longs for what's on offer: for the promise of a different life. But I have seen the underworld; I have taken a walk through Hades. I look at you once more, Little Pill. You sit still, motionless, ready. 

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