Wednesday, 22 May 2013

ICLW - May

Oh dear, I am late. ICLW started yesterday and I'm only just getting my post together. Oh dear, I hope all you lovely ICLW visitors didn't arrive en masse at some point during the last twenty four hours and I have missed you all. Let's believe that isn't the case and carry on as if I'm right on time.


First a very brief introduction: My wonderful, supportive and courageous husband and I are currently going through our second fresh IVF cycle; there was an unsuccessful frozen cycle in between. During my first IVF cycle, which was magical and terrifying in equal measure, I became pregnant with identical twin girls. The babies shared the same sack; it was a complication that almost certainly led their foetal demise at sixteen weeks and 5 days. I miss those girls every single day.

Now dear ICLW visitors, and for anyone who wants a quick refresher, here is a run down of what you might like on my blog:

  • If you have ever experienced a pregnancy loss you might relate to the post "Good days and bad days". And, as an added bonus, it includes a picture of me on my wedding day. Click here to read.

  • Those of you going through the dreaded two week wait will nod your heads and smile at my "Could I be pregnant?" musings. Click here to read.

  • Anyone who is organisationally challenged, you know who you are, may blush in recognition when the read "Down to the wire".  Click here to read.

  • Some people love science, don't they? Are you one of those people who tingles with excitement when you find a new fact of figure? Yes? Well, then get yourself on over to my Operation Big Belly posts. Operation Big Belly is my research mission to uncover what will really impact your IVF cycle. So far we have covered food, alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Some of the discoveries have been predictable but many quite surprising. There is still more to come and I am hoping to cover stress, acunpuncture, hypnotherapy and a few more topics before I'm done.

  • Thinking about going through an IVF cycle and want to know what's in store? Then you might like to check out my posts on my first step (although, be warned, my husband thought that one was a bit too surreal), my WTF appointment, the day the meds arrived and, lastly, the post where I think about what we're all thinking right before we hop onto the lovely scan bed.

Go clicking crazy, people. It is my dearest desire, and not so secret wish, that you read one other post after this one. I know it's a lot to ask and I am sure you are really busy. After all you have six comments a day to complete. But please, oh please, oh please do it. Your compliance would make me so happy and it would feel so delightful to find your comments scattered throughout my blog. And, if you leave a comment and your url, I promise to go back and read not only your ICLW post but at least one other as well. I can't say fairer than that, can I?

Oh, just a note: Please leave your url, your ICLW number or your blog name. I really do want to find your blog and, unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to easily find people from their comments.

And finally.....



  1. Happy ICLW! I'm one of those awesome peeps that loves science. :) So, I will definitely be checking out those posts...great stuff!


    1. Thanks. Great to meet another science nerd.

  2. Hi! thanks for stopping by! As far as the Maca, I haven't been using it long enough to know, but, I have noticed good changes from all the vitamins, diet changes, and other supplements! Feel free to email me for any other questions!! :)

  3. No problem, I really enjoyed your blog. Good to hear the dietary changes are working for you.